Las Vegas (McCarran International Airport) 114º to 117º
Mesquite and the Colorado River Valley — 118
º to 125º
Pahrump — 111º to 114º
Barstow — 114º To 118º
Morongo Basin — 110º  To 115º
Kingman — 108º To 112º
Bishop — 106º To 108º
Caliente — 105º To 108º
And Death Valley — 126º To 129º

Click photo for more details about this forecast.

TIMING: An extended period of excessively hot temperatures are expected Friday through Monday. Little relief is expected at night…Especially in urban areas such as the Las Vegas valley where low temperatures near the Strip and downtown may not drop  below 90 degrees.

GREATEST IMPACTS: Children…The elderly…And people with chronic ailments are the most susceptible to heat-related illness. Heat exhaustion…Cramps…Or in extreme cases heat stroke can result from prolonged exposure to these conditions. Friends… Relatives and neighbors should check on people who may be at risk.



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  23. Tuesday, August 13

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